The Dojo

EGKA Paddock Hill dojo is under the instruction of Andre and Daphne Leister, is licensed to promote Goju-Ryu Karate under the tutelage of our chief instructor of the association, Ernie Molyneux Sensei.

Translation of the word KARATE is “empty-handed” or “weapon-less” defence. In Karate the human body is trained to become all the weapons a person may need for self-defence.

To prepare the body to become effective systematic thorough warming-up exercises are practiced; beginning at the feet, moving upwards tensing and relaxing the muscles and finishing at the head. Performing these exercises is said to improve the performance of the lungs, heart and digestive system.

There are also a large number of floor based exercises such as press-ups and involving prolonged tension of the muscles in the head, arms, chest (pectoral muscles) stomach and legs. These techniques are combined with breathing exercises to develop “KI”, which is the Japanese translation of the Chinese word “CHI”. The suppleness and strength gained from these exercises is essential for the students to continue to progress satisfactorily.

Karate teaches the student how to use the body as a weapon. The body’s arsenal is used in a bewildering way to defend oneself against an attacker. Good posture is essential to Karate training. The variety of techniques in the Karateka’s armoury is delivered mainly from closed fists and the feet, though also from the elbows, knees and even the head!

There are various ways to strike different areas of the human body. Karate training highlights the type of strike necessary to produce maximum effect to any given part of the antagonist’s anatomy. The major techniques are fatal blows to the body’s vital points.