The EGKA, IOGKF has a full and comprehensive grading structure, with the usual accompanying time spans between gradings. An annual licence fee provides the student with membership to the association and permits a student to partake in the grading syllabus and to compete in local, national and international competitions.

Gradings will be held regularly at the dojo but there are strict time scales through the advancement to Black belt. In addition, both Senseis Andre and Daphne plan to attend the EGKA, IOGKF Gasshuku’s at least twice a year, where they will support their students during any Black belt grading, to improve their skills and to keep abreast with any changes in technique, syllabus or organisational rules.

IOGKF badge

The IOGKF badge explained

Heaven and Earth are described as Kenkon in Japanese.
Ken meaning heaven and Kon indicating earth. Heaven is shown as round and earth as square, which symbolises the vastness of heaven and earth.
The badge expresses the harmony of hardness and softness in nature… heaven and earth.
The meaning of Goju is directly related to the badge since this also means hard and soft, Go translates as hard whilst Ju equals soft.
The symbol within the circle is the family crest of the Miyagi family, since the idea of heaven and earth, hard and soft originated with Miyagi Sensei.