Lanzarote – Miya Ichi Dojo


Lanzarote – November 2012

Another year, another trip to Lanzarote. My seventh in as many years. Albeit 6 months later than planned, but that is another story.

This trip is the first time travelling with a baby…definitely a different experience and slightly more complicated leaving my wife 2 or 3 times during the week for training.

But with a grading around the corner you can imagine that an opportunity to train with Sensei Gerardo at his Miya Ichi Dojo was certainly not to be missed.

Wednesday night, 730pm until 900pm was the plan. The dojo is a short journey from the hotel by car in the narrow backstreets of Lanzarote’s capital, Arrecife.

Thank goodness for Google Maps and 3G…so glad I am not on the new iOS, that’s all I can say.

Since I last trained with Sensei Gerardo he has changed his dojo location to a new facility in a school. His classes have certainly grown too, and judging from these photos he takes the occasional class on the beach! If only Frimley was by the sea.

About 6 turned up to class and it was nice to see a familiar face in the form of Sempai Fátima.

Warm up done (already sweating buckets), onto some kihon combinations.

Life throws many curve balls and tonight Sensei Gerardo had some issues with the keys to the new dojo. The tall and short of it was that we had to move back to his old dojo after warm up. So we jumped in our cars and two minutes later were in a different dojo.

Another small change to the dojo is full-length mirrors to one end. I have never trained with mirrors, so this threw me. I was finding it really hard to follow some of the combinations, until I figured out to stop looking at other people in the mirror.

Saying that, even when I faced away from the mirror I found it difficult to ‘get the moves in my head’. It must have just been one of those nights.

We spent a while going through Saifa and Seiunchin katas. I had lots of amendments to make and Sensei Gerardo was as generous as ever with his time and teachings. I have so much to learn!

Before I knew it class was over. I was unable to stay after class this time…baby duty called. Sensei Andre kindly bought (and brought) some sweets from his recent trip to Okinawa. I handed them to a thankful Sensei Gerardo along with a bumper box of Yorkshire Tea. It is quite hard trying to translate what “a proper brew” is into Spanish :-)

Training over for this holiday. I did practice my learnings in the hotel and found that Tasha is about the same size and weight as a chi shi…marvellous.

I will be back again. Next time for longer and more training.

Until then, Sensei Gerardo, a thousand thank you’s once again!

Me and my Chi Shi